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Originally from Venezuela and raised in Miami. Ana is a producer/writer, mother of two, Registered Yoga Teacher, and an Intuitive and Energy Reiki Healer. Ana had a passion for movement and wellness since an early age,  and she was always submerged into dance and the performing and healing arts. After dancing for a few years and giving birth to her first daughter, her career took a shift into event planning, marketing and production. As a producer/writer Ana had the opportunity to work and create videos and campaigns for companies as, Universal Music Group, Sony Latin, Dodge, Acura, Mazda, AT&T, Claritin, California Milk, between others. Ana was born into a family where intuitive healing was part of her ancestry, she constantly showed an interest for science and psychology , and through self help and spirituality books and study, she was able to transform herself and do a lot of her own healing.  

Starting her yoga practice as a way to keep her body movement discipline, Ana immediately fell in love with yoga because of it’s healing benefits, it wasn’t until she enrolled in the teacher training at YPOBH, that she got to learn about the endless benefits of yoga, the science behind it, and the proper and safe ways to practice. Ana’s style of teaching is vinyasa, a practice that it’s focused on synchronizing breath with movement, and strengthening the core through a conscious flow of aligned poses and exercises, that lead you to maintain a healthy breathing, promoting good posture, and letting go of tension, stress and anxiety. 

Ana loves to teach beginners to advanced yogis, she is passionate about introducing new people to yoga and meditation, and her attention to detail and specific directions will allow you to ease your way into each pose with grace and consciousness.  By following her intuition and purpose to make yoga more accessible and affordable for everybody, Ana founded Miami Beach Yoga, an organization that teaches yoga at the beach, and other outdoor locations, open to the public and by donation, in order to provide healing through Yoga classes, meditation circlers, Reiki Energy Healing, and the intuitive arts.

Ana teaches group yoga classes at:

Miami Beach Yoga (www.miamibeachyoga.org), Synergy Yoga Hallandale (www.synergyyoga.com), Fly Yoga Miami (www.flyyogamiami.com).

She also teaches private classes & events. For bookings and inquiries contact: info@anaguarisma.com

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @anaguarisma

 Paola Villegas


Born and raised in Argentina, Paola Villegas started practicing yoga at a very young age as a result of a severe injury from a car accident. 

Later on yoga became a way of life for Paola as she revisited the practice to heal chronic back pain. As she started to realign her spine, she noticed that she was also realigning her entire life.With over 11 years of experience as a Certified Yoga Instructor, Paola specializes in Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, Gentle, Prenatal and Kids yoga. In addition to being a certified Doula and Vedic Thai Massage Therapist, Paola also is Director of Blissful Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training. Paola’s classes are created based on the students and are perfect for all levels from beginners to the advanced practitioners.She has the unique ability to offer a safe and sacred space where every single class is a completely different experience. Her signature flow is a powerful and intelligent sequence linking movement to breath within a nurturing environment that allows for the student to practice in a place of surrender and bring awareness to one’s inner wisdom.

Learn more about Paola:                                                                                                                           Instagram: @paola_yoga

Jenna Goode


Yoga, to me, is passion, happiness, and love; however, it hasn’t always been that way. The journey within myself through the practice of yoga started as a weight loss tool. I began going to Bikram sporadically at the age of 22, without feeling a connection to the practice, the breathing, or the short Savasana that is included in Bikram’s sequence. By the age of 28, I took a more serious approach to my overall well-being. It was at this time that I began to go to Bikram on more of a daily basis and compensating missed practices with runs. I felt like a new person! 

In July of 2015, suffering from negativity within my personal and career life, I began craving a more profound and spiritual practice. It was then that I discovered a whole world of yoga beyond the 26 poses of Bikram. My overall well-being improved drastically; however, it still felt like there was something missing from my life. 

Shortly thereafter, I spent a magical weekend with a group of incredible souls. We spent the weekend talking, laughing, singing, dancing, and practicing yoga on the beach. I decided, in this beautiful moment, that this is how I want to feel all day, every day for the rest of my existence. That Monday, I marched into my bosses office, with the determination of the pursuit of happiness, and quit my job. He pleaded with me, asking me to sleep on the decision. Who could blame him? I was a teacher quitting mid-year. I agreed, left work that afternoon and went straight to a life-changing yoga class. After almost 90 minutes of asanas, deep breathing, and total awareness of the body, we were told to lift our hips and push up through our palms to Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel pose). With a full and open heart, my tears began to flow and I finally felt at peace. I found solace and happiness within yoga. 

The decision to go to Rishikesh with Michèle came naturally to her and, with a slight nudge, I agreed to go and explore the love of my inner being. In May 2016, I began the journey within the self and I haven’t looked back since. It’s with an open heart that I will happily extend my passion of yoga to you, beautiful soul. Through happiness and love, together, we can achieve total awareness of the mind, body and soul connection.
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Instagram: @jennahalley

Michèle Bigler


Namaste! I am Michèle, a citizen of the world looking to diffuse the practice of yoga in hopes of impregnating the world with a little bit more love and a lot a bit less hate. A little bit more peace and a lot a bit less stress. Humbly aspiring to eliminate anxiety one breath at a time. Yoga made the first of many impacting appearances in my life through the form of two Danish mermaids. In 2014, whilst participating in a volunteer program for underprivileged children and families my path crossed two enchanting ladies who instantly maneuvered their way into my heart. 

We lived and worked together in a colorful house with an open courtyard connecting all of the scattered rooms in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This was the setting in which our early schedules in combination with the children’s intense energy often left us drained and lacking energy. One of the mesmerizing mermaids had brought an introductory book to yoga, which we swiftly began to emulate in simple 20-minute sessions at the crack of dawn in the crisp January air. 

We weren’t preoccupied with the correctness in our interpretations of the poses; rather we embraced this newfound place in a silent practice that further bonded us. It only took one session to notice the difference it made in our energy levels, patience and interaction with others. The seed was planted. Thereafter, upon returning home I found myself gradually pulled by yoga and continued a self-practice with online videos and parallel research. 

It was only after my return to Miami in November of that year that I began practicing in a studio on a daily basis. I was at an impasse in my life having uprooted once again and in a state of overall confusion as to the road I was meant to follow. With a general sense of blindly allowing a complacent routine to take form; I carefully acknowledged the ingredients that were driving me in a self-destructive path and gradually began to eliminate them by replacing them with awareness, kindness and love. All of these elements emanated from yoga and a connection I was sharing with genuine souls. Goode vibes entangled everything and the idea of transforming that into a lifestyle began to flourish organically. I was called to Rishikesh alongside my best friend to delve into that well of wisdom and share its elixirs. That is my journey, that is my truth. Join me and let us explore the cosmos through dance, practice and meditation. Allow yourself to glimpse inward and attend to the beauty that lies within.

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Instagram: @michibigler

Michelle Meier


Michelle has been practicing yoga since 1999. She’s always loved the way it increases her strength and flexibility but it wasn’t until 2012 that yoga became her lifeline.At the time her mom was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and given 6 months to live. Knowing Michelle’s heart for helping others and her passion for dance and movement, her mom suggested getting certified in yoga.Getting on her mat regularly during her years of training gave Michelle the strength, clarity and presence to not only process her grief but to even discover beauty, laughter and magic during the biggest heartbreak of her life. Michelle’s classes are fun and engaging, focusing on alignment to ensure safety and integrity of the body. She emphasizes the mind-body connection through the bridge of the breath. The breath is our most powerful tool to transcend our greatest challenges!

Michelle would love to share with you the transformative practice of yoga to breathe, laugh and reconnect with yourself in new ways.Michelle is 500-hour RYT certified, specializing in Iyengar-based Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Cancer, Restorative and Vinyasa Flow.

Learn more about Michelle:                                                                                                                         Facebook & Instagram: @lovejoyoga_therapy                                                                                       http://www.lovejoyogatherapy.com